Saturday, January 2, 2010

wad should i trust??

last few day i ask u everything and u answer me.. i was so happy and i trust wad u say.. bt now wad i saw is so diff.. nt as wad u say.. wad should i do?? i should continue believing u and act tat i din saw wad i saw or wad?? i doesnt want envy to make us apart.. i try and try to not to envy bt everything u did is nt like wad u say.. i do get disappointment.. maybe tis is wad u wan me to feel.. maybe its time for me to feel wad u feel.. im so sry... i noe ive hurt u.. and i cant recure ur wound.. bt i really have awake and change.. i am nt the old vanessa.. ive change.. i tot u seen bt bt bt.. its like ntg.. i really duno.. im so damn confusing.. i already try my best nt spending so much time on fb so i wont c all those thingz.. bt it jz always appear as soon as i open my fb.. i really hate it!! my heart tears in to pieces.. bt no one noe wad i feel.. i never showed out my feelings.. i still have to smile and be happy.. cz i need to work and earn money.. everytime i sit down i will start thinking of u and missing u.. and everytime i think back i feel so sad and my tears keep on drop.. i really duno wad i should do?? now u dwan me.. bt i cant leave without u.. i really duno wad i should do.. i cant let go u at all!!! i really do love u bt i dont know can u feel it?? maybe im nt good in showing my love or maybe u already dun love me.. i wonder wad is actually goin on?? why cant i jz be happy with u?? why cant i stop being envy bout u?? y my tears keep on dropping?? a lot of ques is stucked in my mind.. bt i cant even find one of the answer.. i really very curious.. whn i need u.. whr r u?? i really duno now is only me not facing the reality or wad ever u say is true?? i really confuse!!!

sumtimes i really duno wad u wan.. i wonder u still love me ant?? am i still so important to u?? tat day u jz sound so weak and i wanted to protect u so much!! tat day ur weak bt u gv ur strength to protect me.. i really feel so happy... tat feeling is so sweet.. tat feeling is still always keep in my heart... i really hope one day u will always be the one i first to c whn i wake up.. ur the one who always kiss me on my forehead b4 u leave to work.. ur the one who always held me on whn im weak..ur the one who always make me laugh...ur the one who always accompany me.. i wonder will all tis happen again?? hopefully yes.. i really need u by my side.. i love u always..

baby min

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