Wednesday, December 30, 2009

things go wrong again T.T

today i think i fucked everything again.. so hard only can get bck my husband trust bt then jz bcz of a fucking stupid fon bill!! mess up everything!! damn it!! now i really duno he is angry or wad?? i tell him the truth who i call and i be honest with him.. i did wad eva he ask me to nt to lie!! and i did.. bt then he gt angry and shut my call.. i really hope he wont bcz of tis hate me again!! T.T 老公我自导我错了!希望你不会神气我!对不起!i really love u!! pls dun angry at me forever.. i really need u!! pls pls pls... i wont call ur fren anymore k? i wont bother ur life already ok?? i promise.. u do wad u like.. u have ur privacy ok?? pls dun leave me..T.T

baby min

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