Monday, March 23, 2009

jz b@ck f0rm kl tr1p!!

first day when to zoo negara and sunway college,lagoon and pyramid..we start our journey from ktn at 4.30 and reach at zoo negara at 9.ooam at there we learn hw to call like MONKEY cz its our fren damn stupid rite?? den it bcume our group motto lol...hahaz... where ever we wan to shout or wad we will call like hw the monkey call hahaz... and out group gt 10 ppl the whole trip gt 49 student we were divided into 4 group 10 ppl per group and den our group name is mama group lolz... den at 11am we went to sunway college i saw my ex neighbour jun liang and his lil bro jun rong den at sunway college we gt the chance to visit all those courses d classes such as bio lab,restaurant for hotel management trainee, art gallery,nursing training classes, library , canteen, and so on it was a quite fun and tiring trip to cz we have to climb those stairs that is from ground floor to 5th floor damn tiring... den we also noe few lecture that is tina,rachel,steven and some other forget name d.. sunway college is very fun to study in bt there no leng zai one i walk whole bout few hours aso cannot c one leng zai aso hahaz... tis r the few photo at sunway college wan c more go my friendster u will c my link at the end of the blog...then at 2.oopm we went to sunway lagoon there no photo cz we din bring our camera when goin to the water area..all the things were kept in the locker... in sunway i met a tb his name is elmo from puchong.. same age as me bt he is a hairstylist damn cool so young already gt career..hahaz... i noe by brw a hair dryer funny huh?? hahaz... then at 7pm we went to sunway pyramid... i bought a mickey shoe that only cost rm59.90 after discount normal price were rm149 cheap rite?? ahahz.. everybody aso shock when hear the price...haha then at 9.30pm we went to hotel..while were waiting for the bus my fren notice a blue black at my hand i gt it while playing at lagoon wild wild west..damn pain bt the special thing is the blue black look like a love shape.. hahaz... we stayed at hotel plaza kl.. nt bad la its still ok bt there jz gt bit creepy tis is wad i do at the first day...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

~ s@dn3s$~

hmmm... its been days i trying to think y my hubby nt heart pain when he torce me.. i noe i betray him b4 bt that was past y cant he 4give me since i have change my self.. doesnt every1 should be given a chance?? i really bu ming bai he oways say i duno zuo ren de dao li bt he aso the same wad.. i really confused lo!!! days and days pass and slowly and slowly i feel heart break and i really wan give up bt i love him to much until i cant ignore him!! is nt i cant leave without him is jz i wan to give my baby a perfect family... i hope after all this torcering he will 4give me.. and be with me for ever.. i really change my self already!! wo hen fan xing le!! wo yi jing gai bian le!! wo zi cuo le!!! wo yao yi ge ji hui ba le!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

b0r1ng dayzzZzzzzZzz!!!!!

today at school whole day no study cz all the teacher are bzing with the sports day thingy... well i promise to say bout my result of my exam here they are.. for basic con i jz pass only and for english i got B3 then science pass, moral pass , maths B3, account pass only and others haven take.. im nt stastified with it bcz i pass with cheating hahaz... anyway hope to get better result and its without lucky gt one paper no cheat wan!!!wakaka... hmmm... thats all bout it for today have to go for dinner already will be updating soon... tata!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

t1r3d!! t1r3d!! tir3d!!!

today go skol... gt marchinhg cz sports day is jz around the corner.. imagine our troops only practice twice hw can we win?? everytime when turning all go out of the line.. i aso no eye c!!! some more time to go back d still wan last and last later i miss my buss then they ny noe wad is HOT a.k.a ANGRY!!! and all the damn malays PIGS teacher like very forced to c we marching if dun like den dun c la aso no ppl ask u c!! some more wan at there bark like a crazy DOG!! so HOT ar!!! some more everybody gather at my place so many things until my tie drop d aso nobody even bother to pick uo and keep it in my bag.. all jz step on it only!!! u say la!! angry or nt!!!some more few days already no on9 lucky today can get the tmnet ppl lucky now is fixed..FINALLY i can on9 already man god save me hahaz.. on 2nd march was annie, kee shen and backstabber a.k.a y..i u guest la hahaz.. moslty d ppl aso noe wan la.. yoki or yuki u think urself la.. so me and my frens all bought a cake for her and her best fren were there bt she dun even bother to take the cake home.. so leave to me tis not included ppl take.. i admit i stupid thats y i take so angry treat her so good bt she dun even appreciate it!! well hubby now is still always smsing with that two girl one is aso call y... and one more is m.. y. if im nt wrong.. pls!! ppl gt wife d dun go and disturb ppl plus dun act like a SLUT!! hate it.. hate BITCHES man!!! y must there be so many idiot bitches in tis world!!! i really hope one day those bitches out there will dissapeared so tis world is peace!!! anyway im really damn tired now... tmr i will be continuing my blog with telling my exam result...hehe..most of it aso out liao.. plus until now nt even one subject i failed.. happy me...