Friday, July 31, 2009

cluuubinggzz niteee!!!

me n kok sing

last nite went to after 7 with kok sing and the gang.. kok sing is goin back to aust tis sat.. gonna
miss him.. hahaz.. bt he will be back after two month that will be oct..

last nite hubby went down to genting with his boss.. so left alone at home last nite..

kok sern went to after aso last nite.. im so happy tat he didnt cause me any trouble.. and he aso did enjoy with me.. ahaz.. hope we get together back and not always giving prob to each other..

went to midnight after went to after 7.. meet arman there.. din really see him until he miss call me.. imagine he was jz sitting in front of me.. haha.. i was so blur last nite.. gt bit drunk la..

the most happy things is i take out my braveness and say to sook hui a fren we use to hang out togather bt bcz of sum1 we didnt hang out togather.. i told her..

me: hey actually wad u guys hate bout me??

sook hui: i aso duno actualy..

me: can we be fren back and never hate each other??

sook hui: yes.. y not..

then we shake our hands.. and were frens forever..!!!
i really hope its true.. and we will be frens forever.. and nt enemy forever..

nyway!! to9 after 2nd round and the last round for kok sing.. cz he is leaving tmr.. sad.. wish him have safe journey...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

worried.... bt tired of it..

last sunday i went to jr1 yc with kok sing and the gang.. when every1 saw me they straight away ask :

kok sing: vanessa ur husband outside gt gf ar??

me: i duno o.. fren only la.. ntg geh..

karn ching: vanessa ur husband now a days always go after 7 o.. we left d he still there.. some more bring girl go o.. u noe ma??

me: i noe.. bt wad can i do?? well i trust him.. its ok d lar..

yoko: vanessa ur husband always go after with a girl o.. u noe ma??

me: i noe ar.. bt its ok d la.. his fren ma..

man do u notice smtg bout the conversation?? a word ur husband with a girl was told in the 3 conversation.. well am i thinking to much?? or wad?? or i dun dare to face the reality?? anyway i really trust my husband i noe he wont betray me.. he is a good person i noe it!! i trust him!! so any1 out there if saw my hubby with a girl dun ask me izit his gf or wad?? cz my own self aso duno wad is actually goin on.. i now very confuse.. bt i believe if he mine we will be 2gather forever.. i love my hubby kok earn always.. i hope he noe tis.. haiz..

well jz now i was smsing den he ask me:

hubby: wad u doin??

me: smsing lo..

hubby:sms who o?

me:guy(actually is girl)

hubby: o..

den he suddenly at there fat lan za.. in my mind was ' u sms with girl i aso din say anything la..' i jz say i sms with guy u aso like tis d.. sienz d lo.. still say dun care.. dun care u wont jealous wan lo.. hahaz.. so cute la him.. always say i out with guy or sms with guy he dun care.. tis n tat.. bt whn noe.. hahaz.. JEALOUSY!! lolz.. za dou...

Saturday, July 25, 2009


hmm.. tis few day me n hubby d relationship is getting better.. i learn to trust him.. now everytime he go out with his fren i have stop acting as an annoying person.. such as keep on call him and ask wad time u back and y u haven back and so on.. and i never cared wad time he cum back.. cz i noe he wants freedom and i should give him cz i aso gt my freedom.. maybe being husband and wife trust is very important and giving ur loves ones freedom is also important.. anyway i really hope our relationship can go on better than now.. now a days we take photo togather and do wad a couple do.. i now start to feel the sweetness from him.. and i really hope i can control my jealousy!! i noe im very easy to get jealous.. bt i wont let tis happen to me from now on.. my husband went out with girl so wad?? fren only ma.. every1 in tis world have girl as a fren and aso boy as fren.. i aso hav boys d fren wad.. he aso din care so much so y am i so wry bout him goin out with girl?? if he really wan go i aso cant do anything.. so jz let it be.. get use to it and dun be so jealousy.. some time i really find my self annoying and irritating.. maybe tis is y ppl hate me and doesnt like me.. hope to change my self from now i dwan to be who am i now..!! i wan to be a better person!! hehezz..

well yesterday i saw smtg.. and now im so wry.. am i thinking to much or wad??i really duno.. haiz!! so confuse..!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

haAattTTtt33eesss 38 pPl!!!

last nite went yc wif t.erina, uncle burney, aimi and nantini.. these are the ppl i meet at melody music house a place where i use to learn my piano.. so miss them.. and we have like so many things to talk about.. bt to bad we only gt one hour d time to chat cz im a mummy and i have to go home early.. so went go out bout 10 and back at 11 pm.. so we chat bout many things la.. den whn reach home.. i duno who the hell so damn 38 go and tell my husband what i write bout my husband in facebook!! i was like argh tis person sure never let ppl whack b4.. i jz express my feeling there so tat my fren can give me opinion on hw to handle it.. but nt for telling my husband wad i write.. i wonder tis person gt brain ant wan?? im really so sick of it!!! if i noe who he or she is im sure he or she will nt end up in a gd condition.. i hate tis kind of person like to 8 ppl things.. ppl husband n wife quarrel ur pasal pula.. some more wan to make things worse.. damn ling ren tao yen wan lo!! haiz.. later hubby come back d aso duno wan hw to face him.. dis few days i will surely suffered!! thanks to the 38 person!! haiz...

Monday, July 6, 2009

missing daysz....

took from aimi.. starring: me , arif, aimi, michelle

well i will start from last last nite.. it was on sat nite arif my best buddy called.. and we talk bout our past it was so.. memorable.. ahahaz.. well we chat alotz of stuff la.. bla bla bla la... then on sunday we went out for yc at tc.. wif michelle and aimi.. and its was so funny.. its jz like.. he jz fetch me for sumtimes and he forgot the way to my house and den after fetching aimi we straight away go tc bt then when go back he forgot the way.. hahaz.. well and arif is actually driving ilegaly bt then he gt his undang la.. sp mean he still noe a bit bout the rule on the then while on the way to tc he was looking at his text he didnt pay attn on the road he went to the other side of the road.. and i was shouting at him...its jz like only one more min accidents will happen cz there was few cars driving towards..omg i was so shocked.. so i scolded him.. and he was like okay okay sorry.. hahaz.. tats is y i will never trust a person who drive ilegaly anymore especially arif!! hahaz.. well yesterday i were so bz downloading mj(michael jackson) song... my hubby scold me say ppl die already u only listen to his song.. hahaz.. well now only i realise that he has alot of nice song.. such as who is it?, you are nt alone, abc, speechless and so on la... i dl bout 100 of his song.. hahaz.. so at nite i spent my time listening to his song.. hahaz.. and i love his song it has so many meaning...i do learn some things from listening his song.. hehez..well tis morning when i wake i have cough and bad flu.. so goin for doctor again later.. for three weeks every mon i went for doctor.. hahaz.. i really got so many sickness la...

Friday, July 3, 2009

my life in skol..

me and doreen
me and doreen

zi lian...
zi lian

me wan to eat cheryl!!

me n cheryl

now days i really have fun in skol with some of my new frenz.. i never tot that i would meet new frenz.. well usually most of d ppl out there will think tat im bad and dirty and useless and so on.. well.. i really feel happy.. well last few days doreen brought her camera to skol so.. bcz of over bored i took her camera and shoot few of my of zi lian photo and some with my frenz.. really have fun.. i still remember i use to hate camera during my pregnancy cz im fat even now still are la.. bt at least i have a bit confident.. well i really hope i can be a leng lui.. and make my hubby feel proud to have a pretty darling by his side and he would nt be ashame to bring me out with his frenz..