Wednesday, December 30, 2009

things go wrong again T.T

today i think i fucked everything again.. so hard only can get bck my husband trust bt then jz bcz of a fucking stupid fon bill!! mess up everything!! damn it!! now i really duno he is angry or wad?? i tell him the truth who i call and i be honest with him.. i did wad eva he ask me to nt to lie!! and i did.. bt then he gt angry and shut my call.. i really hope he wont bcz of tis hate me again!! T.T 老公我自导我错了!希望你不会神气我!对不起!i really love u!! pls dun angry at me forever.. i really need u!! pls pls pls... i wont call ur fren anymore k? i wont bother ur life already ok?? i promise.. u do wad u like.. u have ur privacy ok?? pls dun leave me..T.T

baby min

Monday, December 28, 2009

happy feeling is back...

last nite i call hubby.. we chat on the fon for quite long.. about an hour plus.. its a long time ago since the last time i talk on the fon with him for hours.. and we had a very happy conversation.. we talk about many things..there were laughther between it and aso honesty.. we told each other wad we did and so on.. finally he trust me and willing to give me a chance.. he finally change his image on me.. im very happy about it.. hopefully everything will go well after tis.. hope tat the second of us getting bck together is closer.. i really need him by my side!! i love him so much.. finally now i can tell him everything from guys to admires.. i really feel so cool down now.. at least smtg is working here.. happy happy happy!!

baby min

Thursday, December 17, 2009

misssssss uuuuu soooo muchhh..

i cant sleep at all ur keep wondering in my mind..
i really miss u alotx...
love u always my husband guo en!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

im soo damn confusing now..

sumtimes i feel like a stupid girl tat already knew u dwan me bt i still stupid d love u and wait for u!! tis is bcz i really love u!! bt do u noe i love u so much?????

haiz.. i really duno wad should i do.. i really hope u will come here on new year bt bt bt after tis morning call i felt tat u r nt coming... i feel tat u wan to ffk.. and u dont feel like coming.. ur jz making me happy.. i noe u wont come.. bt i duno i was so excited bout u wan to come!! i jz like living in my own world.. sigh..

hopefully i can get a work here and work till tired and nt simply thinking of those negative while waiting for u bck to my side.. i really need u by my side bt everytime i call u u like dun like i call u and wanted to hang off the fon as soon as possible.. and u dun even ask hw am i here.. i really duno y i still so love u.. maybe tis is wad ppl say tat love r blind.. i hope tat u will realise hw much i love u and accept me bck.. hope to spend new year and chinese new year wif u..
love u always!!! i will always wait for u no matter wad!!

baby min

Sunday, December 13, 2009

i miss u soooo much bt i can do ntg accept wait..

its already been days i din sms u.. bt u din even gv a call or a msg.. u gt ur time to msg other ppl bt nt me.. tis mean u really give up or wad?? i really confuse.. sumtimes i really feel like a fool.. bt i trust my self if i change im sure one day u will accept me bck.. maybe wad u need is time.. well here i gv u time.. bt pls dun take so long.. cz i really need u now.. hopefully u wont think i gv up u d.. cz i din find u.. i din find u is bcz i dwan u to think im annoying.. i dwan u to hate me.. tats y i wait for u to find me..all i noe now is.. i love u , i miss u , i need u and i will wait for u.. so dun gv up on me.. love u always...

ur wife vanessa

Thursday, December 10, 2009

im so down.. i didnt noe wad to do..

i really duno weather izit possible for us to be together bck??
i really love u...
i dwan to lose u!!
i need u..
me and baby aso need u!!
pls dun leave us..
pls dun hate me..
i noe i did wrong in the past and i noe u gv me alot of chances to change..
bt i din..
tis time i really noe im wrong..
i already wake from my mistake..
i hope everything is nt too late..
i really need u!!
pls dont leave me..

i love u kok earn!!

baby min

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2nd day without u...

early morning woke up bcz i dream bout hubby..
it was a bad dream..
i dream he had a gf already...
so stupid..

den cont sleep till 1 smtg..
wake up bath den eaat lunch..
den go watch tv and fb..
until 6pm ate dinner den fb again..
den at 8smtg called hubby let him talk to baby bt it was a short call cz he is getting ready to work..
den cont fb and watch tv until now..

last nite hubby call i was sooo surprise haha!!
we had a short conversation i was happy tat he called..
bt he say a thing that im nt his wife d so my prob not his prob..
in my mind thinking is he jk or serious??
so complicated lo!!
bt no matter wad i will wait him and change my attitud and be his dream wife!!
love guo en 4 ever!!
muackx muackx...

baby min

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

first day without u..

tis morning while i was in the flight to lab my mind keep thinking of u..
i was wondering will u find another gf??
will we hav another chance being together??
is tis the end of our marriage??
i really hav no chance d??

i really very wry..
u always say separate for a moment so tat i can change my attitud..
bt tat day u told me u dwan together bck。。
i really very confusing now..
i duno wad i should do..
bt anyway i will wait for u and i will try my best to be ur dream wife!!
hope u wont give up me..
i love u always..
my dearly husband guo en..

today reach labuan at 11 plus..
reach home bout 11.30am..
stay at home playing fb whole day until 7pm went out for dinner..
had pizza at financial park(the one and only shopping center in labuan)..
saw my ex classmate..
was thinking to get sum daily stuff..
it was at 8.40pm and imagine all the shop were close!!
omg!! so siao men!! 8.40pm all shop close!!
if ktn sumtimes 10 smtg u still can see some shope still open le!!
den bck home..
now sitting in front of the comp missing my husband and playing fb..

baby min

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

for my husband..