Wednesday, May 27, 2009

my phone!!!

today go skol go and say sry to lai liu ha..ask her can give back hp ant?? bt then she make me dulan again.. bt tis time i jz keep quiet and go bak class.. i really dun get skol wan to keep the fon for so long 4 wad?? keep on week ma enuf la.. keep so long the fon battery sure spoil la.. den spoil d u all pay ar!! and i wan to tell u that im nt RICH at all lo!! pls stop saying that im rich!! so sick of those pilih kasih d teacher.. then jz now bring meiko go c doctor cz her body gt red spot lucky its alrite.. and i saw pn tan at the clinic.. hahaz.. well i really i can get back my fon as soon as possible.. i miss my fon!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the latest of me..

change my hairstyle.. hehez...


im still learning hw to use tis blog.. if anyone out there noe hw to link frenz pls pls pls teach me.. tq...

haiz miss my phone!!!

today stupid malay pig class teacher who have a big head but no brain rampas my fon!!! and she some more wan to rampas my earrings.. and she duno wad is chance!! oh ya i forget liao she no brain wan ma rite?? ok well den the fon give pn ma.. then another no brain wan again.. really dulan...!!! haiz.. make ppl heng only tis skol!! the pengetua is mb wife so wad? so can buat sesuka hati la?? nt stastified den kick us out off pahang la?? rite ant?? the husband some more rasuah!! so no face man!! some more wan to let the whole world noe he get sue by ppl... and have to pay ppl money!!! dai sei!!! who ask her to be so high nose!!! haiz dun talk bout skol there d ppl all tak perikemanusiaan!! still wan teach us siviks o... u dun have the right to teach cz u aso duno wad is sivik u pig(class teacher)!!! now back to my life.. is a long time there is nt a person who care bout me and love me.. bt these day tis person appear.. i really appreciate it.. bt this person loves to make me angry sumtimes i aso duno should angry ant.. bt i noe that tis wont last i hope it can last forever.. hehehz.. cz tis is wad i need most..

very damn heng!!!!

stupid malay teacher no brain wan !!!! ish!!! i curse u die tmr ar!!! cant teach at our skol d!!! i yan u very damn long liao!!! u always aso wan to go over my limit!! make me so damn angry!! har!!! u think u teacher so very big?? so i must respect u ar?? sry lo!! i never respect a person that dun respect me lo!!! i really very heng lo!!! u ar noe hw to make us dulan only.. plus noe u cant shout still wwan shout ith the stupid sound!!! like pig snoring only!!! very heng ar!!!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

suffering on mid term.....

im goin insane... my life so suck and exam making me faint.. and some love prob aso appear so many prob ar!!!! well tis sun will be the 1st aniverssary (duno correct spelling ant)of me and guo en wedding.. well i noe it will nt have anything special.. so i jz ignore it... cz love does nt appear in my life anymore.. so now quite piss off.. so wan to go to bed and have a sweet dream to cool myself down lolz... i duno wad the hack im crapping.. anyway hope to update my blog more often..