Monday, October 27, 2008

buzy..headache..sucky day!!!!

well so long din update d..tis few days buzy taking care of baby mieko..everyday change dypers feed milk and so on... so bz... headcahe bcz she always cry now a days! im wondering wad happen to u my dear?? i gave u ur milk and i change ur dypers wad is missing??? y u always cry?? haiz... well im getting a pacifier for mieko hope she wont cry and go to sleep easily with it..well since after i gave birth until now i have loss 10kg!! izit a gd news?? guess so.. bt im still 50 plus kg..sad!!! next sunday 2nd nov is k.e sis wedding..i as having trouble finding a dress that can fit me and dun make me look fat and short...finally i found one nice dress from can be use as jacket and aso dress i love it so much bt the price is so so so ex lo!! bt lucky haha mummy buy for me..yay.. bt i was so wry that k.e will say that my dress are ugly!!! u noe la he loves to criticise me!! imagine how suffer my life will be living with a guy who loves to criticise me for ntg!!so when went home show him he say its lovely at last he say smtg gd..hahaz.. so i have solve that prob and now im facing a new prob!! wad shoes can goes with the dress?? lolz.. many prob la me .. bt all aso small prob la..haha.. well hopefully my white high heels can feed my feet so i can wear it with the dress.. u c bcume fat is no gd news lo..all old things cannot wear wasted..

oh ya baby mieko now is already one motnh old..hehe..she now a bit bigger.. and i was so suprise that she now is learning hw to walk omg!! 1month plus ny!! already wan to walk..haiyo i really cant imagine when she noe how to walk d hw bz i will be!!hahaz...well k.e tis side din do full month party cz the sister goin to get married and she wan to do buffet so my baby cant do cz her things is more important so damn selfish!! so angry bout it.. bt lucky my mom gt do a buffet for baby mieko bt we do earlier it was supose to be at 22nd of oct we did on 19 of oct many ppl attended thanks for coming...and baby mieko receive many present.. she gt 2 buggy,a walker ,clothes, jewelrry and some baby stuff.. hahaz.. plus now she is the most rich between me and k.e..haha..hmm.. now i have to go..need to feed mieko..will be updating whenever im free to..well be a bz week tis week hehe..many chores need to be done..kekez...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

new bloggy...

ive created a new blog bcz the old blog has some need to keep updating again.. haiyo really many work..anyway today baby mieko drink alot of milk really cant imagine so small de belly can fill up so much of milk..if me i aso vomit d..i c she drink i aso feel full never la she drink more is gd news lai d..haha..well today k.e auntie and uncle came to visit baby mieko..she gt so many ang my daughter is more rich than the parents so pai seh la as being the prents..hahaz.. bt im always proud to have her as my precious daughter..well still left one week of confinement..cant wait for it to sick of the food and ppl asking me to drink the d.o.m it taste so horrible!! bt form the begining until now i only drank a bit wry my body health in the future.. i dun wan be grandma so fast le..haiz..well now i wan to take my nap..will be updating soon..