Wednesday, February 25, 2009

3veryth1ng go3s hiGh anD l0w!!!

2nd day of exam.. today subject is moral, basic economic and p.s.k .. well for moral everything go well NO CHEATING and so done all by my own and basic con CHEATED hahahaz!!!! i really have no idea wad its the ques all about lucky the class number one student sit in front of me.. so i surely ask from her la.. so lucky she give and all done hehez.. then siviks.. aso CHEATED!!! hehehez.. almost all the subject i aso cheat hahahaz... bt then today those dum dum teacher accept my fav teacher pn.sik all walking here and there so cant cheat to much cz DANGEROUS !! den finish skol at 1.2opm so the middle gate its nt open so we went to the main gate and the idiot guard close it dont let us out he wan us to go out from the middle gate well me tis so call 'GOOD STUDENT' sure wont agree wan la.. so when the damn ass wan to shut the gate i fast fast run haha... lucky im fast enuf to go out b4 the door shut..wakaka.. bt pity my fren have to walk back to the middle gate haha!!! well tis two day k.e has been smsing a idiot girl name .... the whole day!!! imagine my hubby sms other
WHOLE DAY!! really make me damn piss off!! hate it.. well last nite slept early so duno they sms until wad time.. well so tired today now i think its time to be pig liao.. hahaz.. nite nite.. lolz...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

3xam!!!! 3xam!!! goin cr@zy Azi3!!!

blehs!!! exam!!! so long never sit for exam d!! almost one year past sudd go for exam so not use to it lo!!! plus im so lost everything came out look familiar i read b4 bt when wan write... all fly away duno go where.. den edrene,yoki,carmen and the most unbelievable liew yen aso cheated in the exam with us hahaz!! bt even we gt the notes bt we still cant find the answer.. so no choice have the simply fill up and pass up lo.. then when reach science imagine mosquito aedes and aedes mosquito i gt confused with it i was rite at first then kwee fei told me that is mosquitos aedes a.k.a nyamuk aedes translate lol!! in the end no confident on me so change bt then end up WRONG!!! yer!!! so angry la... bt lucky b4 i manage to pass it up b4 i went and check answer wakaka!! hope can pass la hahaz!! i dwan go detention class btw teacher if u c tis pls recorrect it its nt distinction its detention!!! then the last paper was english phew... lucky im gd in it bt i aso face prob.. cz i prepare for plot and synopsis bt came out events.. one word DIE aso haiz!! y i so bad luck wan tis year!!! the worse thing i almost nt enuf time to finish lucky i write fast simply add in only wakaka...!!! hope to get more marks la cz i dwan drop standard hahaz... im always the highest and i dun wan end up the lowest i surely will get BOOOO!!!! when i get the result...T.T well now im quite hungry.. time for maggi mee!! hahaz.. my lunch for now a days cz need save money to buy present for hubby o... love my hubby so muchie..muackz!!!!