Tuesday, June 30, 2009

evrythibg is goin to end soon.. wonder whn??

now a days he change..
he is messaging with a girl call jess..
all i can say now is..
when will all tis end??
u always hurt me and u never understand me..
u say u do understand me! bt i dun think so..

i hate ur selfishness!!
i hate ur childishness!!
i hate ur cruelty!!

ur so fake!!
stop acting!!!
y can we jz start all over again!!
stop all the lies!!!
im so tired of it!!

whn only u will change??

im really sad..
i had enuf of all the bullshit ur crapping in front of me..
i am so tired of all the stupid things ur doin!!
u say u love me!!
u say u still wan me..
bt now u blame me for nt being a person that hw u wanted me to be..
gv me reason y should i change bcz of u??
arent u suposse to love who i am?? and nt changing me??
u always say outside d girl better and so on.. then go ahead..
all u will get is only her..
i will still have my daughter and my dignity!!
it is ashame of ur atitude and u dun even bother to care bout it..
dissapointment im getting from u..
in front of my fren u treat me differently and making it dat im a bad person..
im really sick of it!!
fuck off!!!
even thought i still love u very much bt im really tired of it.. im nt tat strong ok!!
so stop all the cruelty and atitude ur doing it to me!!

nw a days y are boy so faker??
izit so hard to be a gentlemen and a gd guy??

and to a person out there( j...) pls dun disturb my life..
i have enuf bprob now..
i dun hope ur family especially ur sis!!
giving me prob..
ur the one who dump me first so dun blame back to me.. and dun try being a nice person..
i noe wAD kind of person are u!! so stop it!!

i really need a brake from all tis bullshit prob!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

upDat3 tim3sSsSsssS..

yesterday we went to ec mall pizza hut to celebrate jia yin birthday and den sfter tat me doreen , wei kei and sook yee went to mega for movie.. we watch drag me to hell.. the movie was so lame.. its nt scary is jz the sound effect very scaring.. and its jz like sudd boom!! the old lady come out..from the begining of the movie until end i never let go of my ear.. hahaz.. cz the sound effect is so sharp and annoying and the show is so disgusting.. after the movie we went too relax for yc bt i jz drop by awhile den go back liao.. mummy d ma.. cant go out till so late hahahaz...yesterday i aso have a big quarrel wif my hubby at last he hit me for the 2nd time.. he angry me for goin out and he say i disturb him dun let him sleep.. i noe u wan sleep bt u aso must let me do my things ma..i aso din open music loudly and disturb u.. i jz sit beside u take care meiko ma.. sumtimes i relly duno wad is he thinking.. guy is so complicated.. their mouth always say yes bt the heart diff... haiz.. today 2nd day liao.. he no choi me.. last nite he pack all my clothes into my lugage back.. i guess tis is a hint for me tat he wan me to leave him.. well now im still in making decision some say stay with him some say dun.. so which one should i listen?? confuse!!!!