Thursday, April 23, 2009

tir3d of th3 ch1ldin3s$ 0f th0se unm@ttur3d g1rl$

today im so tired ar!!!! first tired bcz helping on the hari keusahawan... have quite alotz fun and i eat alot aso... and now im back to a FAT girl!!! i duno y these days i will non stop eating i will keep on find smtg to chew.. haiz.. and now i bcume fat already!!! piss off!!! haiz.. need to go on diet already no food allowed!!! wakaka.... hope i wont get addicted to all the delicious food i will be facing these days.. cz tmr will be hubby bro marriage.. so will be many nice food to eat!!! mmmmm.... hahaz... cant stop thinking of the food man!!! hahaz... well ok back to things tat happen today there are a few girls at my skol that were so childish and high nose.. she and her fren were discussing bout a mp3 that her fren bought so i ask wad was it? cz i din heard wad they discuss and she go and shout at me say MP3 LA U NO EYE SEE WAN AR!!! T.T well ok i do feel stupid asking that ques bt the mp3 so small look like a radio so i ask jz bcz of my curiousity!! then i ask hw much cz its nt a branded mp3 so it must be cheap then she shout I DUNO LA!!! in my mind was thinking 'jizzz... im nt deaf and wad is the big deal u have a mp3 ppl jz interested so ask bout it y must u be so damn rude!!!' haiz... dissapointment.. well today i finally noe tat im nt a friend to my friend.. they use to hang out in a gang and today they take photo and one of day say all the gang come take photo so they call named one by one and all the chinese went left me 1 chinese sitting there... i feel so being pushed a side.. bt i noe tis will happen so i will try my best to get used to it.. now a days i still will think back weather izit worth it? bcz of a damn ass guy i lost all my fren.. i really feel so regret bout it!!! haiz... i really hope one day they will never trust the guy sister say and believe who am i!! wad kind of person im actually ar!! and who is the victim!! i really tired of it already!! im jz living in my own world everyday!! so wad the big deal?? no fren ma no fren la!!! as long as i gt my baby and hubby im happy already!! being left alone in the school so wad?? study on my own la... walk alone la!!! wont die wan no u all!!! i believe i can find a fren tat is better than u guys... T.T

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

bbBbbzZZzzzZZZz daySssSSSSsss

boring life.. feel so being put a side by frenz maybe bcz of my atitud gua duno lar!! lazy think now all i wan is to study 1 year no study all my ed bcume bad liao... my english always As bcume always Bs sienz... my fren all aso suprise with my result haiz.. and today i at last broke my record!! bm i finally fail!!! haiz....i so worry for my SPM now... really nt in the mood for fun liao... STUDY!!! STUDY!!! STUDY!!!! bt everytime i STUDY sure bcume SLEEPING wakaka...!!!! bt i will try my best to concerntrate cz i must get my target in my SPM!! well for my baby she started to crawl and i have keep my eye on her for 24 7 can die liao.. hahaz... bt i feel happy when she she crawl hahaz... like swimming only... den for my hubby he is treating me better and better d...well i really hope i will complete my mission and i can get his love and care back..happy me!!!well got to go back to my things a days very bz cz many ppl married.. hahaz.. well i will try my best to drop by for cont my blogging...