Saturday, August 8, 2009

th3 s0n oF th3 b1t**h 1s b@ck

tis is a very 38 ppl who loves to report to hubby wad eva i write in my blog and facebook!! it seems tat u have no brain and tat y ur doin smtg a 38 ppl doin.. if im u i would have nt tell my hubby.. cz i gt brain wan.. did u noe tat after u telling him.. many things can happen?? and me n my hubby d relationship can get worse?? u should noe wad person of my hubby is.. so pls.. i hope u understand stop ur fucking atitud and stop reporting things to my hubby.. nt i scat or wad.. is jz ur making everything worse and more prob i have.. my exam is near i really hope i can pay fully attention and a supportive hubby and not a hubby tat always at there fat lan za and keep on say wad i write and tis and dat making me more fan!! do u noe wad is blog?? blog is a place to release ur prob and ur feelings... and not to let ppl c den let ppl simply go n tell ppl family and giving the person more prob.. if u wan give opinion i dun mind bt if problem then u f*** off ba!! i dun need ur stupid mouth and eye here!!i already had enuf prob.. if ur really free go find smtg to do dun come disturb my life!! ur nt welcome here!! i noe u will read my blog!! so pls be awake of the stupid things ur doin!! dun make me cant stand one day and u will noe the ending!! u will surely regret for keep on being a fuc**ing reporter!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

sSSsSuuUUuuccCcckKKyYy d@y!!!

today i really very damn bad luck.. after skol miss skol bus.. den my fon bill damn high d digit for the total.. den hubby duno y keep on shout at me.. haiz.. now i only noe.. hubby angry cz fon bill high some more wan tell my mom dulan.. . den nvm my fon bill high he angry 4 wad?? i aso din ask him pay.. den miss skol bus cz the fucking econ teacher.. no car back still nvm.. come back d.. hubby at home.. yesterday say today gt work.. bt he lied.. haiz.. after tat i say him y lie to me?? i pula get scold.. haiz.. whole day get scold.. sienx.. now he fat lan za duno go where.. really fu za ar..i need some rest pls.. damn fucking tired..

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

h@pPy 21 st buFda3 jun3 xY1

ur now fully 21.. ur already a man now.. wish u all the best.. hope everythings in ur life goes as how u wan want.. wish u success in ur career and study.. take care my frenz.. happy 21st bufdae to u..!!

baby min

Monday, August 3, 2009

a special person bufdae is gonna reach..

a person who last time i use to love alot until i can give him my whole life.. his bufdae is reaching.. tis is the 2nd year nt celebrating his bufdae with him.. really miss him.. well i don hate him.. i really hope that we can be back frens.. cz he is a nice bf and aso a nice fren.. bt i noe all tis is impossible.. anyway wish him all the best here.. and now there ar 27 and a half hour more counting down to his bufdae.. hehez..
our happpy memories will always be remember.. hope u do remember to..

baby min


today at last bcz of goin after seven continuously for 3 days.. fall sick d.. hahaz.. thanks god im recovering now... bt today smtg sad happen.. today after fetching mom to bus stop whn out wif frens awhile den back home.. so over tired and felt very ill so i sleep.. i din realise the time so i over sleep.. den i jz take care mieko for awhile den i straight away get ready to ttn.. hw noe.. his mom ask:

hubby mom: where u goin??

me: ttn lo..

hubby mom straight away look at my husband den i surely get scold lo.. i noe she sure mumble at my hubby say i no take care mieko..den hubby start mumble at me..

hubby: wah!! got ppl today whole day no take care baby at upstair act sick sleeping for the whole day bt now can go ttn.. so geng.. duno since whn my wife so rajin go ttn wan.. aso duno realy go ttn ant.. puix..

i straight away keep quiet cz lazy wan quarrel with him.. carry my baby upstair and stay in the room.. im really so fucking sick of these ppl.. they dun even noe wad is help!! so damn selfish.. the sister go yc she willing to take care bt me go ttn say i act.. i really speechless jor.. haiz.. i now really gt bit wry i cant handle evrything.. i really very confuse.. duno wad i should do!! anybody willing to help me?? does i really have to send my baby to labuan and stay with my mom?? haiz.. i duno ar!!! complicated life!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

happyyy lif3ss...

with pei ching at after third nite..

me n li wen at after for the 2nd night..

last nite went to after.. the third time.. omg.. i was nt thinking of goin to after s3ven i was wearing as usual a collar polo t shirt and a short pants with slippers i was so wry i cant get in so didnt really wanted to go.. bt i aso whn there and c wad goin on.. whn reach saw hubby frenz.. he told me hubby is inside and ask me wan go in ant.. firstly i was thinking of leaving bt lucky i went if nt i wont have the chance to c my hubby dancing with other girl.. well whn i c i really do feel jealous.. bt i duno y? i din go crazy.. i jz let him njoy bt i admit i really sad.. well wad eva hubby frens told me its true.. both of us come out clubbing dun so sensitive.. open minded.. enjoy urself and dun be jealous.. cz tis is normal.. well at least he did dance with me for sumtimes.. hehe.. and its my first time goin clubbing with him.. enjoy myself so much!! hahaz.. met michelle and pei ching were in the same table.. and thanks to terrence.. he really take care of me.. and liwen too.. hehez.. bt last nite is the first nite goin clubbing without a special person.. tis is bcz we have stop contact.. maybe tis is smtg good.. well hopefully we will be frens again soon.. miss the person so much.. the moment we use to hang out will always be remember.. well i guess i am childish.. bt since i go after now i noe wad i njoy ur life.. i have change and i love my life now.. hehez.. everything is goin well in my life.. i love hubby forever!! muackz.. even though i always say i tired of hubby wan divorce and so on.. bt i will still try my best to save our marriage..

love hubby!!