Tuesday, January 19, 2010

tim3 to tr3at my s3lf bett3r and l 0 v 3 my s3lf

i have made a decision.. i wont b3 sad bcz of those guys who dun appreciate me!! bt i still will cont loving sum1 out there.. lolx.. im crapping rite?? haha!! anyway now a days im thinking ways to make my life more challenging and more fun!! whn come to fun party and clubbing is appearing in my mind!! well until now i only plan everything in ktn and for the coming holiday.. bt im nt goin to be confident tat wad eva im planing will be fun.. cz i notice sumtimes i came out wif lame plan.. lolz.. haha!!! well tmr im goin to get a pra test for my driving!!( wish me luck) haha.. then plan to go financial park with my two best bff shi wei and calvin.. planned to go for manicure bt duno la!! the most important thing is i wan to go get my comp done!! my comp is so laggy now a days!! gesh!! i think i need a new comp.. haha!! tis comp have been with me for bout a year plus almost two years d.. haha!! bt i love tis so i think ill jz repair it and continue be its loyal owner!! hahaz.. well now a days im teaching mieko to say gong xi fa cai!! haha... u gt it!! cny is around the corner!! cant wait for it!! bt tis year i think im nt giving ang pao and aso taking ang pao!! bt im hoping to get to settle the problem between me n my hubby.. really make me tired.. i duno wad he wan.. i duno wad he think.. bt now i wont think bout it.. jz let him gv the answer.. if he is late things change then all i can say we're nt meant to be together.. bt as i noe.. we can stand till so long maybe he is the man i need.. well hopefully one day god will gv me a clearer answer..

today i receive a letter from the jabatan plkn.. i send a pengecualian letter for escaping the stupid national service with the reason im already a mom!! thanks to my husband!! haha.. he help me alot i tis.. without him i think i will stuck in camp now!! so they wrote in the letter tat they have receive my letter and im allowed to be excuse from tis program!! isnt tat gd??? haha!!
until now things are started to get better.. hopefully things is getting better and better and all my prob will be slowly solve soon..

i learned tat in human world patient plays a very big role.. without patient everything will gone worse and u wont know hw worse it can be!!
so now no matter wad happen patient is the first thing!!

baby m1n

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