Thursday, January 21, 2010

f1n@llY ev3ryth1ng h@s 3nd

last nite my husband told me.. i think we be fren better lo.. first first i gt a bit bu she de d... bt since he will be more happy being fren then i try to accept it lo.. cz i wan him happy.. bt smtg weird i think he really do fall in love with other girl already.. cz if he is my husband he wont so easy let me go d.. bt nvm la.. everything has past.. now i need to be strong and take care of baby mieko.. i need to stand up and be tough for her.. i cant collapse so easily like usualy whn i face break up.. tis break up is diff.. i cant fall tis time.. cz there is a small hand waiting for me to hold her to her adults journey.. hopefully i can get over with tis feeling soon and start a new life..

finally im single..

baby min

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